How does buyback work?

Couched provides a re-sale assurance on furniture bought from Couched at pre-defined percentage based on time lapsed since purchase. Given that we manufacture everything in-house, the Couched buyback policy applies to each and every item, supported with a valid invoice, that you buy from us.

What Furniture is it valid on?

The Couched buyback applies to anything and everything that you buy from us. We wont leave you hanging even for a hanging shelf!

How long is the policy valid for?

Starting from six months after purchase, till 36 months after purchase, your Couched items can avail the buyback offer

How much money do I get?

  • Sellback within 6 months- 70% of purchase price*
  • Sellback within 6 to 15 months- 60% of purchase price*
  • Sellback within 15 to 24 months- 50% of purchase price*
  • Sellback within 24 to 36 months – 35% of purchase price*

*We will subtract the cost of the fabric used in the item and then calculate cost of product at the time of request for buyback

How do I initiate buyback on my furniture?

You can reach out to us across various communication channels to initiate buyback for your product: e-mail at : and mention product name and order confirmation number.
Call/whatsapp on +91 9930195630 and advise the Couched representative that you wish to avail the buyback offer. Post this, a Couched representative will reach out to you to assess the product for any damages and schedule a convenient pick-up. After pick-up, Couched will transfer the amount in the bank account as specified by you.

What items will not be accepted for buyback?

While we know you will love your Couched products with same attention and care as we make it with, should any of the below defects be found on your Couched product, we will not be able to extend the buyback offer on that product

  • Breakages caused by impacts or accidents
  • Any damages to the product that has been stored, assembled or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, accidentally damaged, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products
  • Broken glass items like table tops, cabinet glass doors, mirrors
  • If any parts of the furniture are broken and coming apart like a sofa/table/chair legs
  • Sofas with damaged springs
  • Damaged mechanism for hydraulic storage / sofa beds, etc
  • There should be no missing parts in the furniture sets, e.g. a chair missing/broken in a dining table set or handles / locks / keys missing in a wardrobe
  • Furniture with bed-bugs / termites, etc.
  • Furniture having incomplete hardware due to which the product can’t be reassembled
  • Any major tears / non-removable stains on upholstery
  • Furniture that have been modified since purchase (e.g., re-painting, re-upholstering, addition of new parts, etc.)
  • Any other structural damages which makes the Furniture unusable in as-is condition

What happens once I raise a request?

Once your buyback request is received, someone from Couched will contact you within 48 hours. You will need to share pictures of the product and if required we will schedule a visit to inspect the product. Post confirmation, the product will be picked up and the full amount as per the applicable buyback validity will be refunded in your account within 3 working days.

How long does the entire process take?

After your buyback request is received, Couched will get in touch with you within 48 working hours. Post inspection and confirmation of price, the product will be picked up in 72 working hours. Ideally you should be able to be move in 5 days!