You and I. We are the ones that move cities, homes, beds for work, school, life.

But in every move, furniture is always the pain point. Buying Good is expensive and buying cheap just isn’t worth it. You could rent, but well, that’s a black hole for your money. And why should you keep paying EMIs for something you no longer love or need?

These were the dilemmas being faced by each one of our team members in different cities of the country. So we all came together to create a comprehensive, budget friendly solution for furniture that we felt didn’t really exist until now. It wasn’t smooth sailing, lets be honest! There were expensive furniture pieces that were sold to us cause we didn’t know any better. There were really cheap furniture pieces that literally fell apart in a couple of months. And then, there was so so much to be learnt about wood types, sourcing, polishing, carpentry techniques etc. etc.

Couched is the result of that study. Good quality, awesome furniture at a comfortable price CAN BE MADE. You just have to source locally, hire a great team, train people well, spend a LOT of time understanding middle men bullshit and erasing it.

Then it was time to add the special sauce. Its not just important to have great furniture it is also important to have the flexibility to change things up every once in while and thus came the buyback option. Own till you feel like it and then poof! Back it goes.


Couched is now a happy fledgling SME. we have recently moved to our new 10,000 sq ft premises. We have a team of 35 of the best carpenters and painters in this part of the world and our most trusted Islamji who keeps the spirits high and the costs low in the best of times and more importantly in the worst of times.

Our little enterprise has been lucky enough to partner with awesome organisations and together we hope to change the way young India lives and uses furniture!